just a quick note.

it has been a while!
i’ve been busy and sick.. then busy again..
sorting some stuff and i will be back soon!
gonna revamp the website.. so stay tune!

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New Items for Sale!

we got new items in our ready made shop! hop on and take a look here!

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I’ve been ignoring the blog for quite sometimes..
i wanted to be active again.. but as mentioned i can’t upload pictures.. i’m gonna do it soon!
and after that insyaAllah i will be back with more updates..
in the mean time, do check our fb page.. i update them quite often..

i got so many ideas on sewing tutorial.. i shall do that as soon as i fix my blog..

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Cloud Pillow

They just super cute… i received an order to make them for a wedding…

to test out, i made one for baby Eva’s 1st birthday gift.. it’s super cute..

this is what i made for the wedding..

the pillow got cotton in the in front and flannel at the back..

i simply love them.. i got so many plans in my head already.. can’t wait to make them!

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We are on Instagram!

I haven’t been updating this blog for quite a while! sorry for that..
caught up with orders and i still haven’t fix the not being able to upload image problem on my blog. i need to change the theme.. but i’m not ready (well i got no time actually) to actually sit down and re-design my blog template.. will do it very very soon…

on the other news, few months back android came out with instagram apps! so i eagerly create an account and started uploaded pictures.. the best thing is, customers or friends that buy our products upload it on IG and tag us! it’s very nice to see them using our products.. so i thought maybe i can publish it and you can follow us and see us behind the scene. I uploaded quite a few personal pictures there.. also my WIP project and “behind the scene” picture..

soooo.. find us and start following us. if you happen to buy our products, do tag us! :)

ps: instagram is soooo addictive.

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“Sponsor a chemo cap/pillow case” Charity Project Update

Our 1st charity project “Sponsor a chemo cape / pillow case” is now completed! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU sponsors… to friends who helped out to find sponsors.. THANK YOU!

Initially we collected 77 pillow cases and 71 chemo caps.. and then last minute we receive another 3 sponsors. make it to 74 chemo caps. So I thought i wanted to even out, that thought of making 80 each.. but sadly i ran out of fabrics and time and manage to make 80 caps and 77 cases only.. gonna mail them today..

nonetheless, i was super happy when i collected about 30 of each.. but now to collected more than 70 caps and cases.. I’m over the moon.. without all of you this won’t happen.. so again.. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH..

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Laptop Sleeve

with ipad, tablet, and so on.. laptop seems to becoming less popular.. but yes, they still exist.. ;)

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Tutu Bag!

perfect for your little princess.. or gift for precious little one..

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Glasses Case

now open for orders. You can choose fabrics from here.
Email snazzynsuch@gmail.com.

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Mini Sling!

sometimes when i go out i’m too lazy to carry my huge long wallet.. or even too lazy to carry anything.. so i thought why not make something that i can easily put my keys, handphone, and money in it.. that i don’t have to hold it with my hands.. So that’s the story of Mini Sling..

Soooo.. i would like to introduce you to our new product. Mini sling!

available in 3 colors – black, red, and blue.
you can email snazzynsuch@gmail.com to order.

for now i’m not taking orders for this bag. just making ready made only..

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